Critical IT Issues should be fixed immediately. Business wants all IT task to be done without interruption. With us, it will be easier to ensure that issues are handled the way you want them to be. You'll be able to monitor what's going on at all times. Your will find IT optimized and ready for the workplace. We can ensure you to be able to deliver a higher level of service and support to your employee. We can support you by each IT issue or critical issue by fixing or reassigning as per your expectation and business requirement.
We can support you 365-days 24-hour with customizable SLA (service level agreement) and customizable resolution time. All of our IT solutions to fit your needs so that you can worry less about IT and spend more time running your business.  Our business representatives and system engineers will perform all essential IT tasks over the IT support issues to get your business operation to a minimum downtime.


We provide onsite implementation solutions on needs. Our implementation services are integrated with special team to ensure smooth execution of implementation as well as maximum uptime for your business. We support most of your IT Infrastructure’s technical support-solution by our proven methodologies. Our implementation covers it infrastructure, project management, wide network, wireless, security, it software application, various kind of system configuration, day-to-day support and management, optimizing Installation and Integration.


Every IT in each business needs services to maintain runtime agility & continuity. The IT must adapt quickly and efficiently to rapid change to reduce costs and manage risks. Our services can focus on key IT imperatives, such as optimizing assets, reducing complexity, and ensuring cost-effective infrastructure stability and flexibility.
Our team is ready to serve your IT with Standard or customized Service Level Agreement (SLA) as maintenance for 365-days and without interruption. Respond time and resolution time can be assigned flexibly by the end-user.


IT Training is an after sales and professional skill training which is providing basic and technical workshop and hands-on training after a successful implementation of a project or the certification required by the project owner. We also provide high-end IT technical certifications training. Our training session is different to project training what it is certification training.  In our training, we utilize the appropriate content as well as design and develop custom content for client’s technical needs and enablement


Our Outsourcing Solution provides comprehensive Services programs for clients in need of Proactive IT and Facility management and support. The service includes 24x7 on-site and remote monitoring of client business. Organizations need to move from "process" IT to "service" IT. To do so, they want to get the best output from us that provide them with tailored services and address their business imperatives. Our outsourcing solution help to provide lower the total cost of IT ownership, Increase value from their IT investments, improve management control and flexibility and Improve their organizational performance.


Our IT engineer designers have the know-how, the solutions, and the experience to turn your objectives into reality. New IT network, refreshment or upgradation projects come with new expectations and future target of each business. Our experience can support most of the design and planning of LAN, wLAN, WAN, Datacenter, unified communication, Internet access, security control, inbound & outbound policy, Data cabling, monitoring, various conferencing, Intranets and many more.


Our Data Center Managed Services has wide capabilities to serve all kinds of customer requirements; managed server and network operations, availability and performance monitoring, capacity planning and a disaster recovery site. We offer 24/7, all year round operations capability to ensure that our services rendered to the customers’ expected service levels, which are critical to the business objectives of the customer. We have industrial expertise to deliver physical infrastructure build of Data Center for you. The Data Center will be project managed through our “Infrastructure Design & Build methodology“.


Managing the availability, accessibility and delivery of operation across business is a complex issue. especially when some of IT workplace issues are always outside of your direct control. We can manage your all client and workplace efficiently and effectively with End-Point Managed Services.


Applications need to be consistently accessible in order to prevent costly downtime and lost productivity. UTI’s Managed Services solution prevents downtime and increases productivity by keeping your applications consistently available, giving you the power and flexibility to set availability priorities based on requirements such as security, uptime, reliability, and performance.